This is a gem that contains: Ruby translators to transform various metadata feeds into solr documents and a command-line utility to access/utilize the gem's.
National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder, Colorado. 6983 likes · 186 talking about this. Advancing knowledge of Earth's frozen regions.
NSIDC – National Snow and Ice Data Center – is the US government agency which provides the official statistics on such matters as sea ice. NSIDC wins Green Data Center
A gundemonline.org nsidc picker for bootstrap. Most of these images come from the website of NSIDC research scientist Andrew Slater. International science and data management programs facilitate the free exchange of data and nsidc research aimed at understanding the role of the cryosphere in the Earth. Max refers to the maximum Arctic sea ice nsidc that is usually reached around this time. It goes without saying that the news shocked me, and I wasn't the only one here's the memorial web page. Former NSIDC Director, Roger G. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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A place to submit conda recipes before they become fully fledged conda-forge feedstocks. Note also that there is no scientific reason for this. The NASA DAAC at NSIDC. VM configuration and acceptance testing for a Solr-based search backend.. Jennifer Francis, Washington Post. The NSIDC explains it as follows in the All About Sea Ice segment of their website:. Snow, Ice and Climate Change.