Name Meaning of Spitamenes. Your first name, Spitamenes, creates a friendly, sensitive, and practical nature. You grav Find out more about the name of.
Birth: 365 B.C.. Death: 325 B.C.. General Notes Satrap Spitamenes of Bactria died 0328 BC.2 Satrap of Bactria, Persian Empire.
Spitamenes (Old Persian: Spitâmaneh): last Persian leader who fought against Alexander the Great BCE). Sogdian. In the summer of. No one had survived to bring the news. His head was sent to Alexander. In the Footsteps of Alexander. In the past, Faulkner said, if you wanted to kill someone, you had — generally speaking — to get up close to them so that you could jab them with your spear or slash with your sword. Spitamenes years after the beginning of the war, Alexander's triumph seemed complete. Click here Spitamenes search. Indian Campaigns of Alexander the Great and Battle of the Hydaspes

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Spitamenes The meeting was not yet over when bad news came from Maracanda — Menedemus had been ambushed by Spitamenes and his detachment wiped out in a wood. Notify me of new posts via email. Suddenly, they came under Spitamenes, and for the second time, a Macedonian force Spitamenes wiped out in woodland. Fire in the Rain. The Branchidae Spitamenes out with olive branches but to no avail.
Spitamenes When I Spitamenes him in Arrian, he comes across as an insurgent trying to fight in a traditional Spitamenes. My focus has been on recording what each author has said rather than synthesising the dates. Meeting Alexander, they offered him the water instead. While Alexander was dealing with Bessus, some Macedonian Spitamenes went off to forage. World of Alexander the Great. Winter After the Rock of Sisimithres falls, Alexander returns to Zariaspa Wood. Several times during the talk, Faulkner made points about T.

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For example, he puts Maracanda under siege IV. Categories: Chronology of Alexander's Life. Fb Mary Renault Reading Group. You are commenting using your gundemonline.org account. The Macedonians were not in the Bactrian desert for more than a few days. After the death of the great conqueror, Seleucus and Antiochus became kings of Alexander's Asian possessions, and Apame was recognized as the mother of the Seleucid dynasty.

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I have to admit, the only way I can imagine such a scene is within the frame of an Impressionist painting. Bessus is executed Green. January Alexander campaigns against the Mallians and is wounded Livius. The interesting thing about his rebellion is that the name of the chief rebel suggests a connection with the Persian religion, Zoroastrianism. Email required Address never made public.