Wizard firebird 2.4.2

wizard firebird 2.4.2

The only reason your archon did fire damage when you had fire as elemental % was because you used the vyr's set bonus giving you all.
Update: Patch and Season 9. This Diablo 3 patch season 7 wizard firebird archon build can.
I'm not sure what you trying to do with the build. It seem all over the place. Archon without obsidian ring or CD in every possible peace of item. Follower Guidewhich contains detailed. ABOUT US FOLLOW US. You have entered an incorrect email address! Portal should be on the left side at the end of the bridge. Flux effects, list, combinations.
Diablo III 2.4.2/Season 7/8/9 Firebird Archon Wizard GR 87 (GR 95+) wizard firebird 2.4.2