Xbox coop games like portal 2

xbox coop games like portal 2

I would suggest Portal 2 as well, just because its such a great co - op experience. Avatar image EDIT: For reference, here's a list of all couch co - op games. Filter to your But great fun especially if you're a massive fan of superheroes like moi. Local Co - Op Games for PC?? - PC/Mac/Linux Society.
Portal 2. Though most people immediately think of Portal 2's single-player Seems like everyone was walking from left to right and delivering knuckle Available on: Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, Wii U eShop.
When we think of multiplayer games, we tend to think about shooters like Halo or Call of Duty. But let's face it: Those aren't exactly the most.

Xbox coop games like portal 2 - not

Cederic says: I concur. The game makes you a Frog-man who traverses through the game world by using his unique jumping skills and uses his long tongue as the grapple and movers over and under countless platforms. Your task is to go explore a huge game world, highlight…. I did not enjoy Scott Pilgrim at all, the controls didn't feel right and I found it really off-putting. Orcs exist to die at the hands of adventurers.
The AI doesn't do much to pursue you, which gives the player a significant advantage and makes patience vital. It had a great mix of arena shooter and bullet hell shooter rolled up with some cool character designs. If she's more into RPGs, you can always do eternal Sonata. You can choose any character… Rayman Legends. Honestly I think Borderlands should be higher. Hand the controller around during the frustrating puzzle sections, but make sure everyone weighs in on the moral choices and girlfriend dilemma.