Free state of jones knight story

free state of jones knight story

Matthew McConaughey as Newton Knight in " Free State of Jones." "The deeds of the story, the context of that time, will be very relevant to.
We pit the Free State of Jones movie vs. the true story of Newton Knight, Rachel, wife Serena and the Civil War Knight Company.
Writer and director Gary Ross talks about Free State of Jones. It's the story of Newton Knight, a confederate deserter from Mississippi who. free state of jones knight story
I mean, the intention of this movie is to provoke conversation. He rescued children who were in slavery. He provided sworn statements from several individuals attesting to his loyalty to the Union, including a local judge and a state senate candidate. They just come around with a squad of soldiers 'n' took you. That's a less-told part of American history, isn't it? When he came to, he jumped at the young feller. Latest news from