Popular facebook games 2012

popular facebook games 2012

This month's best and brightest on Facebook mostly look familiar, with Zynga ruling most of the top 10. CityVille still remains the game to beat.
We present you a list of top 10 games that were launched on Facebook in 2012. The rankings are based on user ratings and engagement with.
Today's Oct. 1, which means it's time to once again check out the Top 25 Facebook games. September is often a slow month for social games. popular facebook games 2012 10 Most Popular Facebook Games
If you're not careful, you'll probably get sucked into a longer session than you planned. Bethesda Are Working On Some Huge Titles. While The Friend Game is an up-and-coming Facebook title, it looks like it has a lot of potential for fun. The majority of games came from outside the U. While Angry Birds Friends doesn't innovate beyond this, it's still found a perfect home on Facebook. Get the best of Business Popular facebook games 2012 delivered to your inbox every day.