Reg Fleming

Reg Fleming

Reggie Fleming was born in and spent his early life in Ahuntsic, in Montreal's north end, an Anglo child in a mostly French-speaking.
Reginald Stephen " Reggie, The Ruffian" Fleming, (April 21, 1936 - July 11, was a professional hockey player in the National Hockey League with the  ‎ Before the NHL · ‎ Pro career · ‎ Death · ‎ References.
Statistics of Reg Fleming, a hockey player from Montreal, PQ born Apr 21 1936 who was active from 1953 to. Copyright Notice Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Legends of Hockey - NHL Player Search - Reg Fleming - Reggie Fleming. Roundup: Rangers Reshuffle Lineup and Rout the Islanders. You talk about great hockey action, those guys provided it. He was a highly effective utility forward though he originally was a defenseman. FM Leaders - Players.

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Hay can relate endless stories of on-ice mayhem, but doesn't recall any specific incidents of Fleming getting knocked out, but said: "It happened to all of us, that was the game back then. Fleming will forever be remembered as one of hockey's most ferocious competitors. I never felt his nose," quipped Howe. Subscribe to Globe Unlimited The digital replica of our newspaper.. That number, as well as if or how they were treated, will most likely never be known because such records were not kept in his era, if they were considered injuries at all. Fleming's stay in Philly was short as the following season he was selected in the Expansion Draft by the Buffalo Sabres.

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Midway through the next season, he was traded to the New York Rangers. Clean" because of his bullnecked, crew cut appearance that resembled the mascot for the famous cleaning product. Editorial Code of Conduct. Opinion: Adam Radwanski on how there might be a silver lining to Trump's incompetence. The program was the first in pro sports to mandate independent baseline and postconcussion neuropsychological testing, as well as clearance from independent doctors before a player can return to game action.