Rocketman (film)

Rocketman (film)

Rocketman is a horrible comedy with a bad cast. I've never liked Harland Williams, I find him to be quite one dimensional. This an awful film that has nothing  Rating ‎: ‎PG (for language, crude humor, and th.
The Only Safe Thing is to Take a Chance - Mike Nichols.
RocketMan is a 1997 comic science fiction film directed by Stuart Gillard and starring Harland Williams, Jessica Lundy, William Sadler and Jeffrey DeMunn. ‎ Plot · ‎ Cast · ‎ Production · ‎ Reception. Fred then asks Julie to dance with him in zero gravity to " When You Wish upon a Star ". A grumpy old rancher who can't pay the mortgage causes a series Rocketman (film) Wild West shootouts when he sets out to save his ranch. Icht schlicken dokken, lug dee lug. If the crew get caught in the storms, they could be lost forever. It assumes, for example, that instantaneous two-way communication could take place Rocketman (film) a lander on the Martian surface. The Walking Dead Fans Respond to a Bad Bromance and Winslow. A lot of the credit goes to Williams, who has the knack of almost making you think he doesn't know how obnoxious his character is.

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I hated this one, this is a bad film that is a comedy worth forgetting. Spirit of the Beehive. Most of the technical dialogue is right out of other space movies, but there's the occasional zinger, such as "Your promises are worth about as much as dental floss at a Willie Nelson concert. But this is not a science movie, to put it mildly. Jana Monji journeys to the legendary Disney vaults to learn more about the creation of Disney's "Pinocchio. Discuss RocketMan on our Movie forum! Rocketman (film)

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Type the characters you see in this image:. Most Popular by Genre. Good Roger, or Bad Roger?. But as bad luck and poor timing would have it, that's exactly what happens, and Fred undergoes rigorous, if not hilarious, training at NASA. Fred blasts off with the rest of the space shuttle crew: a cocky, no-nonsense Commander, a sexy Mission Specialist, and a mischievous space chimp named Ulysses.. Coming Soon to Theaters.