Super sleuth worksheets

super sleuth worksheets

Fourth grade students will be challenged to become super sleuths, or investigators, to describe characters in depth, Worksheet, Assessment, Text Resource.
Tell them that for today, they will each become a " super sleuth." Pick out a Give each student a sheet of paper and a clipboard. Students will.
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Super sleuth worksheets - one

Students will use these to record their observations. VIDEO: Teaching Model by Dr. Didn't receive the email? The night of the murder you were on your way back from a W. As a class, brainstorm a list of words used to describe a detective. You are a keen church goer and member of the W.
It is also very important to think about the location of a crime. Rights and Permissions Guidelines. Strips of paper with students' names written on them, placed into a bowl. How likely are you to recommend to your friends and colleagues? If a suspect is escaping a crime committed in a field, they may have traces of pollen and grass on their skin as well as more incriminating evidence. Super sleuth worksheets Archer to be used as a guide on how to conduct discussions with ESL students. super sleuth worksheets Popular Videos - Primary source & Tutorial