The story of medusa and athena script

the story of medusa and athena script

Medusa's Tale. CHARACTERS. MEDUSA. A gorgon. PERSEUS. A hero. POSEIDON. A god. ATHENA. A goddess. A GIRL. SETTING. The Mediterranean. TIME.
iRubric After reading The Story of Medusa and Athena and creating a monologue from the story, students must create a script based off the.
About Narrator: Story of Medusa and Athena The narrator is the reader. They can be trusted because their probably the creator of the story of.

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Zero preparation time required. Link, embed, and showcase your rubrics on your website. Medusa And Athena, which was penned by emerging writer Nir Paniry , spins a new origin story for Medusa the gorgon, the iconic figure from Greek literature whose hair was made of deadly vipers and gaze turned men to stone. I hope you enjoy it, and also your students. I have added the Stone, Bronze, Iron and Middle... Login Remember me Forgot password? Arachne - Directed by Nick Kozis (Greek Mythology) the story of medusa and athena script
How does the narrator or the author attitude changes toward others change over the course of the story? Allow others to duplicate this prezi. Unfortunately, Medusa was very proud of her beauty and thought or spoke of little. Hope it is useful! Today, Paradigm and Benderspink teamed to crush the market, dominating with their red hot spec MEDUSA AND ATHENA.