Five-stroke engine

Five-stroke engine

Our objective with the 5 - stroke engine is to develop a gasoline engine with fuel consumption and emission levels comparable to that of current diesel engines.
Still, a 5 - stroke engine theory was invented by Gerhard Schmitz for quite some time and a British company called Ilmor managed to create a.
Ilmor 5 stroke engine Ilmor Engineering, the firm made famous for its work with Indy Cars and Formula One, as well as Triumph Motorcycles. Five-stroke engine The compression ratio can be reduced to delay knock onset without a reduction in performance. A high level of turbocharging and further expansion in the low-pressure cylinder. Skip to: Start of article. Running of the concept engine has produced impressive fuel consumption readings over a very Five-stroke engine operating range. The Five-stroke prototype engine engine is turbocharged. Ilmor's prototype is an internal combustion engine uses Five-stroke engine solid cylinder block with electric wow elementium ore driving the oil and water cooling pumps.

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Learn how the machines evolved and who rode them. Discover more from the comparison of the engine concepts. A UK-based company called Ilmor Engineering is the creator of a concept for a very innovative new kind of internal combustion petrol engine that has five strokes per cycle. The compression ratio can be reduced to delay knock onset without a reduction in performance. The fuel consumption does not rise as rapidly with increasing BMEP, as retarding rejects more energy into the expansion cylinder. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Ed slotts 2016 reviews The time for a new internal combustion engine has come. Could Volkswagen Group's Electric Plans Include Ducati? What differentiates the five-stroke engine. Don't miss our latest news, features and videos. Regardless, it demonstrates the potential of innovative deployment of existing technology.
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