One punch man mangahere

one punch man mangahere

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One - Punch Man (ワンパンマン Wanpanman) is a Japanese webcomic and manga series created by ONE. The webcomic started in July with more than.
Follows the life of an average hero who manages to win all battles with only one punch. This ability seems to frustrate him as he no longer feels the thrill and adrenaline of fighting a tough battle, which leads to him questioning his past desire of being strong. 107 The Strong. one punch man mangahere

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However, since Shibabawa died before she could elaborate on said "trouble", nobody actually knows what it is or when exactly it'll happen. It said that Saitama is lucky when he fight Boros, he should be killed in the space. While Saitama IS ridiculously overpowered, since it's because of his hard work, so it's done in a sympathetic manner. In particular, she refuses to believe Saitama could be a competent hero and trash-talks him at length, which he just ignores. Though it seems that only Saitama's hard work has paid off, while the other heroes who probably train just as hard are left in the dust. However, after his defeat, he can tell that Saitama was still holding back , and dies feeling unsatisfied with the battle.