Vesta the goddess facts

vesta the goddess facts

Vesta, the Goddess of the Home! Visit the Romans Information and mythology about the Roman goddess, Vesta. History, Facts and Information about Vesta.
Ancient Roman Gods and Goddesses for kids - Vesta The myths and legends surrounding Vesta, the Roman goddess of fire, the hearth, the home and the.
The goddess of hearth and home was certainly an important goddess. Vesta held a seat on the Roman Council of 12 gods, the Dei Consentes. But she was not. Vesta is the Roman Goddess of fire and the hearth, Whose circular temple in Rome was considered the central hearth of the City. Goddess of the hearthhomeheathkit gr888t family Saturn and Ops JupiterNeptunePluto JunoCeres. Later She became the Goddess of ceremonial or central fire, and was worshipped by the state, where She presided over the central altar, as well as in the home, where offerings were made to Her at vesta the goddess facts meal. It was carried by the Vestales in vessels called futiles which had a tiny foot that made them unstable. At Bovillae were located the Alban Vestals Albanae Longanae Bovillensessupposed to be continuing the Alban Vestals.
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