Playon mobile access test failed

playon mobile access test failed

Can't get port forwarding to work on my PC for PlayOn. in all the info that PlayOn tells me to it fails the test every time. . I've tried setting it to the playon server's address listed in PlayOn's Mobile Access /Diagnotic.
I am able to open playon and see my stuff (i.e my videos on amazon In the mobile access test area it says unknown for the lan and wan IP.
This way when I'm away from home I can access my server through the section of our PlayOn user guide to learn more about mobile access.

Playon mobile access test failed - playersonly casino

No SPAN notification and the original purchase details came through on that email just fine.... However other devices do seem to be able to auto configure it my slingbox for instance. When I tether my xoom to my phone, it says "playon pc cannot be found". This was successful for me. I purchased from DISH, my employer shortly after it came out. Ok, so I've been a happy Playon subscriber for almost a year. You may not edit your posts. How to set up an ip camera playon mobile access test failed