Plotly is the modern platform for agile business intelligence and data science.
Plotly, also known by its URL,, is an online analytics and data visualization tool headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. Plotly provides online graphing,  Headquarters ‎: ‎Canada.
The postMessage API can be used to build custom controls that change anything about an embedded Plotly graph - the graph type, colors, data, etc - after the. basic guide and overview

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Return a specific attribute from the top-level layout or data objects see Plotly's JSON representation above. Share findings Easily share your findings by embedding them into a web page, exporting them into pdf, png, svg, eps formats, or creating custom presentations and dashboards. Codepen is a great resource for messing with the API. The ping task is just used to tell when the listener is active. Use your favorite tools See all of our plans Client success stories Goji Insurance Before Plotly, we were entangled in an enterprise BI quagmire. Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Fixed typographical error, changed auxilliary to auxiliary in README. This is the "DNA" of the graph. Supported tasks are: The restyle task changes attributes of the graph data - colors, type ie bars versus points, scatter plot versus histogram Plotly, and the even values of the Plotly. Interactively explore the IMBD movie database. Skills, style guides, and tutorials for work at Plotly. We're excited to see Plotly else will be built with it. Plotly

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There are plenty of graphs with which you can experiment on the Plotly feed. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies. See Trace objects and Trace auxiliary objects for an exhaustive list of accepted key-value pairs that can be passed to the restyle task. Before Plotly, we were entangled in an enterprise BI quagmire. Binds to zoom event to recalculate Mandelbrot set after zooming-in click-drag to zoom.