Recipes for mandoline slicer

recipes for mandoline slicer

A winning tool like a mandoline can change all that. Instead of signing up for a French cooking course, allow this sharp slicer to present a new way of looking at.
So you might have heard, we have this Bon Appetit mandoline on sale all day at HSN. We've already waxed poetic about its well-designed.
Stock your kitchen with a mandolin food slicer. It's a French cooking utensil that quickly turns fruits and vegetables into uniform slices or julienne.

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Cut up a little butter in a small amount of flour sugar and spice and sprinkle it on top like a streusel thing, and bake until cooked through. Our website is secured by Thawte. Looks pretty and is delicious in a salad. Deep fried leeks , for garnishes. Onion slices for caramelized onions on beef burgers.

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Japanese Mandolin 101 These are crispy and good for you! Adding wintery root veg to your salads is easier than you think and provides an awesome health kick. A mandoline will produce nice and even slices of your Emmental and kiwi, so no one has to fight about who gets the thickest cut. If only I had a mandolin slicer. Browse all Mandolines on