Spinosaurus swim

spinosaurus swim

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, discovered in Morocco, had a weird body that was designed to swim, paleontologists say.
Most complete skeleton suggests the dinosaurs were semi-aquatic hunters.
The discovery was made from fossils dug up in the Moroccan Sahara, which show that the Spinosaurus was.

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These may have granted Spinosaurus better buoyancy control in the water, as seen in modern animals like King Penguins. Actress accidentally flashes her breasts... The long bones were particularly dense, more like a penguin's bones. Helen Skelton talks with Jonathan Cheban... Nick Cannon asks fans to join his talent... Leaked preview of Nintendo Switch's... It is only due to Stromer's meticulous notes, including detailed descriptions and sketches, that much of the scant knowledge surrounding this dinosaur has been retained.
spinosaurus swim