Viking god questions

viking god questions

Questions. Fortify your heart for these 29 questions, which are sure to rouse your inner god. Discover and unleash you inner Viking god with this quiz.
For a very long time, the Vikings believed in many gods and goddesses. These gods were called the Norse gods, or gods of the north. The gods of the Vikings.
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The Vikings Like the type of religion in ancient Greece or Romethe Vikings worshiped many different Gods and Goddesses. Sif was the goddess of the harvest, and Thor's wife. He lampooned the other gods. True or false: The word "brag" comes the Norse god Bragi. Norse warriors sought a place flash guide number chart Valhalla, where they could live among the gods. God of poetry and eloquence. This category is for questions and answers related viking god questions Norse Mythas asked by users of.

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Name the Norse god of mischief. More From The Stuff Network. How are these stages similar or different from the Greek story? It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :. How long does Odin hang from a tree to learn wisdom? Test Your Knowledge On The Norse Goddesses! Which child of Loki is so large that it encircles the earth?

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