Free winsxs

free winsxs

How to Clean Up the WinSxS Folder (Component Store) in Windows 8.1 If you like, you could update to Windows 8.1 for free via the Store.
(To open it, tap the Windows key, type “disk cleanup” to perform a search, and click the “ Free up disk space by removing unnecessary files”.
Windows 7 and 8.x use a folder in the Windows directory called " WinSxS " to store showed how to free up disk space by reducing the folder's size in Windows 7. free winsxs

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That's a good question. Introduction to the WPA User Interface. We are a group of field engineers and while we do work with the product group we do not always know what decisions or challenges they may have. Legacy Touchscreen and Pen Resources. I won't reply any further. Windows 8.1 How to claim disk space by removing system files and windows update files