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Mozambique (music) Marlen is a talented Diva from Mozambique. Follow our website at www.
Filmed and produced in Chibabava District in the province of Sofala. Gabriel " Gaby" Albano Alfandega, an up.
Musica de Mocambique no parque FEMA em Maputo. Mozambique Music

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Mozambique (music)

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The most popular style of modern dance music is marrabenta. The spellbinding music of Venancio Mbande and his timbila orchestra of around fifteen dancers and as many singers can be heard most Sunday afternoons at his house in Zavala, Inhambane Province. For personal non-commercial use only. The magic happens when you listen to Marrabenta, Mozambique's distinctive national music, an energetic mix of local dance rhythms and folk music from Portugal. JUST WATCHED The national music of Mozambique Replay More Videos... The native folk music of Mozambique has been highly influenced by Portuguese forms. The musicians of the ensemble partially improvise their parts according to style, instrumental idiom , and the leader's indications.