Rift online server population

rift online server population

I was curious what is the most populated server for the game. I've also been told that some servers have a down in population in the.
Hi all Im just wondering what the server population is like on Rift nowadays? I am considering playing again and hopefully getting a max level.
RiftStatus gives you alternative means to check the status of the North When you are browsing the NA or EU Shard status lists you can click the Favorite Server.

Rift online server population - march

There are also cluster wide chat channels so you can find PuG raids from any server and join them. Hartsman: While the game has a lot of signature storyline characters and villains, with a lot of memorable personalities to boot, Volan, the massive event colossus that I referred to earlier continues to be one of the most memorable ones. I didnt get why anyone wanted to play a half baked wow clone made by an incompetent company in the first place. I met some longtime friends in this game that I still talk to, and it was all thanks to the PVP. We took the system in another direction that did, which was to offer premade classes to help people get started. Devillian has just been published. Originally Posted by potis. Pfft, as if you can actually calculate that total. Guild Recruitment - EU-French Servers. Don't have an account? Actually if you compare the amount of released content, you could easily claim that WoW is dead compared to Rift. But if you're looking to be a casual player, Deepwood isn't a bad choice. Sign up for free! Developers never make mistakes, and players never take us to task for doing so. rift online server population