Super sniper review 3x15

super sniper review 3x15

If you have not read our review of the SS you can do that to get a bit more information about the history of the Super Sniper scopes.
A day of good, better, and best spent reviewing three SWFA Super Sniper optics to see how the 3-15 compares to the as well as the 16x fixed power. This is when I bought my first “ sniper ” rifle, and was that stressful. My next pay check went to SWFA for a 16x MOA mil-dot.
This is a quick final review on the SWFA SS 3X15 - 42 First Focal Plane Scope SWFA SS HD. Easy come easy go Always remember that you are absolutely unique. I just got one myself too, its a really nice gun. Gear ReviewsOptics. Enter the characters you see. The turrets felt good in my hand and were easy to operate. This has numerous benefits. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. super sniper review 3x15 SWFA SS 3X15-42 FFP Quickie Review