Golden touch craps dice control seminars

golden touch craps dice control seminars

Dice Control seminar January 13th - 15th Las Vegas NV.
Learn casino craps and expert dice control in craps seminars taught by Golden Touch Craps International instructors from coast-to-coast.
of the Golden Touch Craps team construct a dice pit in a windowless conference room of Room into a miniature casino, a school for the study of dice control. golden touch craps dice control seminars
Jesus Christ, grew up man! Newspapers around the world waited for the verdict. As the authors take aim at the mysteries of random phenomena, we see that no amount of contrary evidence split tail birds shake their faith in an underlying order. See Dom on the History Channel. Download now it's FREE. His eyes were wide, his face animated. He set the dice, paused, and swung his forearm back smoothly, like a pendulum.

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He set the dice, loaded them in his right hand, and released them with a careful lob. When I started I read all the books and viewed all the videos. As a result, the web page can not be displayed. Our dice control video will teach you. Dice Control Training Video.

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