Luminous paint for watch hands

luminous paint for watch hands

I need to get some luminescent paint for some projects. TONS of how to vids and walk throughs on re luming watch hands, the paints to use.
Lacquer works better when painting the surface of hands. I have used Bergeon luminous paint and sometimes Newall tritium to refill luminous hands but super.
Bergeon White Luminova Luminous Paste for Hands and Dials. new pigments give satisfying results for night markings on watch hands and dials.

Luminous paint for watch hands -

There are TONS of how to vids and walk throughs on re luming watch hands, the paints to use, powders , and refinishing tips. Well, as a private individual with a horological hobby and collection, the rules laid down by the Environment Agency don't apply to me. While my first projects with it worked well, I want to advise that the stuff has a shelf life. When it was first discovered radiation was not realised to be harmful, and the desire to get a good strong glow in the dark seems to have resulted in radium paint with a very high level of radium content which was applied with a heavy hand. I even read a comment that the radiation from radium luminous paint is less dangerous than a mobile phone. A reminder that your email address on your account must be valid and working to receive the reset request. However, as a result of the nuclear accident at Fukushima, Japan, an organisation was set up to develop inexpensive radiation detectors for everyone.

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Mido and the Tauberts. There is also the danger from loose flakes of the old paint that can fall off at any time. I would recommend that you take some close up pictures of the dial and hands and send them to several companies. Over time the fluorescence property of the zinc sulphide was worn out by the radiation, and that is why the paint no longer glows in the dark. This is the "Now" generation, high-performace phosphorescent pigment with oustanding qualities designed for the high end watch industry.
Re: You'll get different opinions on which is 'better'. Returns About Us Contact Us Links FAQ Special Order Policy Shipping Information Watch Parts Inquiry Advertise with us. Be as detailed as you can in describing what you want, don't imagine that they will know. Enter the characters you see. No matter how much time you've wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow. I also often use pumice powder, brass filings, caustic bluing and a few others, You need to try different things luminous paint for watch hands you find what works well for you.