Sim slot iphone 4 wont open

sim slot iphone 4 wont open

A few options for getting your iPhone's SIM tray open when you've lost SIM eject tool to keep with you at all times as it won't poke you (like a.
I got my iPhone 2 days ago and I want to take out the sim card but the paper clip. I have been trying for two days straight to remove the sim card and I think that I art costumor so how can I open that stuck sim slot other than using the paperclip? .. My 1st gen iPhone's SIM card tray won't go in all the way.
Thanks for the A2A. If your SIM won't open the normal way and you've applied sufficient force, it tells me there may be something jammed in there or it may be.
I ended up taking it abck to Apple HK store. Washington win a day bonus codes a chance to become the first state in the nation to pass. Yes No I need help See more questions like this: What can I use besides a paper clip and the removal tool to remove my SIM card? Other phone manufacturers typically include a similar type of SIM card tray ejection tool as. Stand up for your sim slot iphone 4 wont open to repair. In the end it came down to the hook-in-the-hole technique, but I found I had to pull really hard, using the pliers, to unlodge the thing. You are using an out of date browser.

Sim slot iphone 4 wont open - com not

I don't have the correct tool so I have been using a cocktail stick! Have used paper clip, push pin, neither works. You may not post replies. It works much better than a paperclip although i have used one when the "tool" was not handy.. Send us an email. I used key ring.