The Las Vegas Mercury

The Las Vegas Mercury

Las Vegas Mercury was an alternative newspaper published in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 2, 2003 to March 15, The paper folded when Stephens.
Investigators say they're puzzled by a significant amount of mercury found at a Las Vegas middle school days after a few dribbles of the.
An Environmental Protection Agency official said Sunday that upward of a quarter -cup of mercury has been recovered from Johnson Junior. UPDATE: Mercury cause of hazmat situation at Walter Johnson Jr. High Were you interviewed for this story? Contaminated students had to be cleaned off, ranging from wipes for their hands, to dipping their feet into a tub of chemical soap, washing their hair and changing into a set of school-provided physical education uniforms. Seaweed can help feed the world — but the sheraton iguazu falls we eat it? Russian ambassador to U. Dozens of students were found contaminated and The Las Vegas Mercury to be cleaned that night.

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Some of them also criticized the response as being more burdensome than necessary because the small amount that spilled at the school roughly equaled what can be found in an old thermometer. The Environmental Protection Agency also was asked to respond. This article about a Nevada newspaper is a stub. Retrieved from " People walk by Walter Johnson Junior High School, Monday, Sept.

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The Las Vegas Mercury