Fridge hot between doors

fridge hot between doors

Why is the Cabinet Around My Refrigerator Door Very Warm or Hot? the doors or in that cabinet strip (called the mullion) between the freezer.
Refrigerator - Warm Between Doors. Normal warmth is created by the automatic energy saver system circulating warm liquid around the front edge of the of the.
This is a side by side Refrigerator /Freezer. Recently we've noticed the door seals are very hot, and it's coming from the metal surface bleed out, equalizing the pressure between the High prssure side and Low pressure side.
The hotspots are now gone. I cleaned the fan and the coils. My guess is it's designed so the doors don't freeze and stick closed. Website operating problems contact. This area will always be warmer sometimes hot when the compressor has to run longer than usual. fridge hot between doors